Black Spinel with Leaf Sacred Charm Bracelet

Black Spinel with Leaf Sacred Charm Bracelet
  • $58.00
Sacred Jewels is proud to introduce its newest line of Charm Bracelets . Each bracelet has been designed with purpose, pairing gemstones with a charm to wear as powerful emblems on your wrist. Wear them separately as a singular statement or stacked for added significance.

Leaf - The spiritual meaning signifies charity and truth. It is a gift to and from the earth to sustain all that live upon it. Nurturing as food, shade, oxygen and medicine regenerating from our earth. Worn as intentional jewelry, energetically signifies the reverence for nature and it's abundance.

Black Spinel is known as the stone of the Energy of the Earth. A crystal, it offers insight into material issues. It helps stabilize energy, enhances rejuvenation and renews consciousness.

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