Peridot, Green Onyx and Labradorite Cosmo Gemstone Bracelet

Peridot, Green Onyx and Labradorite Cosmo Gemstone Bracelet
  • $125.00
A classic bracelet you will never want to take off. Three complementary strands of semi-precious gemstone with alternating 22k gold plated nuggets. 22k Gold-plated extender and lobster clasp. Fits 5-8 inch wrist

Peridot is the "Stone of Protection and Guidance." It clears outside negative influences, helps one to understand one's destiny and spiritual purpose. Peridot is a healer's stone, energetically propelling one toward spiritual truth, clarity and well being. Physically it releases pain and strengthens the metabolism.

Onyx is the stone of Old Memories. It is a secretive stone that holds memories and helps to heal past sorrows. It protects, aids in reframing trauma, and brings a sense of hope.

Labradorite is the stone of the Temple of Stars. It transmits positive energy and encourages creativity. It also strengthens faith and trust in the self, and brings good fortune.

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