Secret Strength Balance Necklace

Sacred Jewels Secret Strength Balance Necklace
  • $98.00
Round Amethyst & Trillion Green Onyx Gemstones on a 18k gold plated vermeil satelite chain (18 inches)

Reinforce yourself with needed virtues and strengths while wearing these totally unique Sacred Jewels designs. Hand faceted and bezeled gemstones set in 22k gold plated bezels and hung from an 18" 18k vermeil satelite chain with spring ring clasp.

Amethyst is the stone of Spirituality and Contentment. It shifts energies to a higher frequency and brings stability, lightness, strength and calm. It is a powerful, protective stone.

Onyx is the stone of Old Memories. It is a secretive stone that holds memories and helps to heal past sorrows. It protects, aids in reframing trauma, and brings a sense of hope.

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